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mcxNOW is the worlds fastest digital exchange coded securely in low level C++. Unlike other exchanges it offers interest on all deposits and allows you to earn a percentage of all fees the exchange generates!

Earn interest on deposits

By giving back 25% of the fees the exchange generates we pay you simply for having a positive balance here! Applies to all currencies.

Secure C++ trading engine

A well designed binary trading engine coded in the same programming language used for the New York Stock Exchange.

Fast deposits and withdraws

Our custom built clients allow you to use deposits within 10 to 30 minutes and withdraw within seconds.

Anonymous trading

No personal identification required. Once the funds are confirmed you can trade here, all we care about is reliable exchange.

3 tier network security

We have servers for providing the web interface, servers for the exchange and servers to hold all the funds.

Low trading fees

Unlike other exchanges like MtGOX we only charge a flat 0.25% fee for trades. We aren't greedy!

NameInterest RateTotal DepositedFees Generated (6h)24 hour VolumeBlockheight
Bitcoin1.07539378%3677.5 BTC0.04806286 BTC0.0 BTC296652
Litecoin0.05824268%105435.4 LTC0.11486012 LTC2.16167332 BTC551999
PrimeCoin0.04942587%126052.5 XPM0.05600804 XPM0.16045147 BTC501180
PeerCoin0.013795%269063.0 PPC0.000537 PPC0.72506373 BTC107610
Feathercoin0.05084723%198552.0 FTC0.51311447 FTC0.08956828 BTC201595
MaxCoin0.77483258%8516619.1 MAX57.35731042 MAX65.57584499 BTC205582
MinCoin0.12036771%1218237.4 MNC1.33267191 MNC1.09269365 BTC403078
SolidCoin0.0%1236260.4 SC0.0096 SC2.09458623 BTC1210140
Devcoin0.00000003%55207277.1 DVC50.0 DVC0.0 BTC134429
WorldCoin0.34086346%5515179.8 WDC4.57423347 WDC5.51339511 BTC1207849
CopperLark0.11671755%984542.2 CL8.89489731 CL1.08932164 BTC123202
mcxBUX0.20180771%5115209.6 MXB0.02949933 MXB1.08849633 BTC0
mcxFEE0%75000 MCX0 MCX22.9661179 BTC0
    102.55721265 BTC 


Site update February 09 2014

Moved servers and made some misc changes due to increased users

Site update February 04 2014

Pro trader chat bug fixed, more stats added to main page, chat lines until payout added to account page. XPM trading reenabled.

Site update January 27 2014

Pro trader chat added, mcxBUX added and now required to buy pro trader and paybans. mcxBUX generated by chatting and referrals.

Site update October 29 2013

Trade fees are now only 0.25%. 6 day window to buy remainder of 45000 mcxFEE starts. A few minor bug fixes.

Site update October 23 2013

Now allow removal of Google Authenticator from account and can now accept pool style payments with the Bitcoin based coins. Some general small bug fixes to the last speed improvement update.

Site update October 15 2013

Massive speed improvement in client side code (HTML/JAVASCRIPT). Makes trading on mobile platforms much more pleasureable.

Site update September 18 2013

Updates to the interface as requested by users. Now show confirmations on incoming transactions. Improvements to Google Auth 2FA.

Site update September 10 2013

mcxNOW v2.0 has been released, now with feeshares and interest on all deposits.

Site update June 11 2013

Exchange page has had a big UI and feature update.

Site update June 07 2013

Pro trading accounts have been added. These basically give you more features that consume more server resources, so they are paid for with a small fee. Orderbooks now show volumes when hovering over a row and tab tickers flash red or green when a buy or sell happens.

Site update June 03 2013

Tickers have been added to all tabs to show live prices of all currencies traded. Also some general reorganization of the header interface.

Site update June 02 2013

Your trades are now highlighted on the order book

Site update May 29 2013

Some general user interface improvements and backend tweaks.

Site update May 20 2013

Chatting now has a 60 second restriction between messages unless you have a balance of 0.2 Bitcoins, 100 MinCoins or 200 SolidCoins/Worldcoins.

Worldcoin added May 15 2013

mcxNOW is the first Worldcoin exchange allowing you to trade it for Bitcoin.

Site update May 09 2013

General fixes and improvements to the account page.

Devcoin added May 04 2013

Devcoin has been added to the exchange allowing you to trade it for Bitcoin. The exchange bounty was donated back to the Devcoin developers.

SolidCoin added May 03 2013

SolidCoin has been added to the exchange allowing you to trade it for Bitcoin. mcxNOW becomes the only exchange trading SolidCoin in preparation for the switch to MicroCash.

Litecoin added May 02 2013

Litecoin has been added to the exchange allowing you to trade it for Bitcoin.

mcxNOW is live April 28 2013

mcxNOW has gone live becoming the worlds first C++ exchange. Currently allowing exchange of MinCoin to Bitcoin.